Wednesday, January 23, 2008

amby baby.

My girls never suffered from colic, but I've seen countless friends and family members struggle with this seemingly un-treatable condition. If I do have a baby pre-maturely, that suffers from reflux or with colic this is what I will be turning to.

With it's womb like design and attention to every detail your baby will be safe, secure and best of all sleeping. Every parent that has struggled with colic knows that bouncing and swaying can work wonders. The constant motion and upright angled position helps with natural sleep, colic and reflux.

Amby also provides a warm swaddled environment, prevents flat head and allows for flexible sleeping arrangements. Yes please.


  1. oooh. i saw something similar to this by arms reach, but it is brand new, and so therefore has no reviews yet. but it sounds like just what i am looking for for baby #1 would only sleep in the bouncer, or something with an incline. this seems safer and more bed like. thanks for the find!

  2. Cole had HORRIBLE acid reflux for the first several months. He slept bundled in his carseat at one point. Even with medication, he was a baby who wouldn't nap or sleep well at night (as a newborn even). This does sound Nice!

  3. I would have given anything for my colicky baby to sleep. Wish I had this then. Great find :D

  4. yes, we could have used this for miss char...maybe I will be purchasing one if I ever have another with colic or reflux..ahh..

  5. Take it from a mom of 4, 3 with severe colic and 1 with severe acid reflux - I am sooooo thankful you found this. I hope to find it soon so that I get sleep sooner with my youngest. Wish I had known about it with the first.


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