Friday, January 25, 2008

Stone Soup

The classic and award winning book Stone Soup is a story of three soldiers who upon entering a small town and inquiring for a meal, find that all the food is hidden. The story unfolds and in the end the three soldiers along with the towns people enjoy a large feast.

As a little child I remembering reading this story with my Mother and of course making our own "Stone Soup" for dinner that night. This tradition has been continued with my little family and has created not only lasting memories and a lesson in sharing, but also a love for reading.


  1. This IS such a classic and I had completely forgotten about it. And how great that you found a recipe to make as well! I need to get a copy for cole...

  2. this is a great book. i remember reading it in the 1st grade and we actually made stone soup...cleansed thoroughly stones of course! haha it was good!

  3. I had a read-along version of this book when I was a child that had a corresponding audio cassette. I always enjoyed the story and found it be rather silly and fun.

  4. memories from kindergarten: book and soup. i will have to get the book and make the soup for my own little ones. We just enjoyed reading seven silly eaters and making the pink birthday cake.


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