Wednesday, January 23, 2008

arte bebe.

I love shopping online boutique-style for Cole. Arte Bebe is a collection I'm thrilled to know about: one that offers the beauty and adventure in every day things. But also a collection of brands that are new to me. I love their unique philosophy of bringing a "global outlook and aesthetic" to their store, with "products from brands around the world, ranging from New York to Argentina, Italy to LA." It's how I want to life my life: with a global perspective.

This Russian Motorbike Jacket by Devi Baby is the item in Cole's wardrobe with the most character, yet an equal amount of functionality. It's made of incredibly soft cotton, with a zipper front (a party for a 2 year old!) and a lovely fit. Plus the motor bike theme is pretty popular in our family (his paternal grandpa is a die hard). Machine washable. And on sale for $58 (sizes 2T-6).

owl hoodie by Lucky Jade (new!)

magic tree dress by Milk On The Rocks (20$ off!)

Be sure to browse their winter sale (it's still freezing here) among the these just in items. A couple of my favorites are pictured above. And since we love dishing out the deals, Arte Bebe has been so fantastic to offer 10% off (sale and non-sale items alike) to each of you by using code: TANGLEDBEBE. Enjoy!


  1. I am in love with that jacket! I bet Cole looks so cute in it.

  2. Kelli, I too love that jacket. You need to post a picture of Cole wearing it. I bet he looks adorable.


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