Monday, January 28, 2008

Binki Love

Nine. Nine is the current number of pacifiers we have in our house. With that large number of them floating around you would think we'd be able to find one when needed. This wonderful binki holder eliminates that problem. It helps that it can also act as part of the decoration in the baby's room.

Also on their site this beautifully colored and simple rag blanket. My children were always infatuated with the tags on their plush toys or blankets. This "rag" is perfect in satisfying that love. "The Thilde Rag is an educational security blanket for the baby. Colourful and boldly shaped, the unique laundry care labels are inviting. They stimulate the baby's fine motor skills and curiosity."


  1. I love that this blankie isn't as "frayed" as so many other rag blankies! I hate all that fringe!


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