Monday, June 2, 2008

litto kids.

My new "go to" company for infant bedding. Gender neutral, retro style goodness. I love it!


  1. very cool. If only they made twin sized duvets and sheets!!! I am on the hunt for some fabulous bedding for my 6 year old boy. ;)

  2. e: you can order twin sized sheets and bedding on their website. Another great company to check out is olli and lime, their bedding is amazing.

  3. well, the litto kids twin bedding should be available "soon" but not quite yet... all other litto kids products are available at .

    speaking of....fawn&forest will also soon be carrying olli and lime in the next few weeks! from what I have been told, will be the first US online retailer to carry their collection. It's amazing bedding + room decor indeed!! I'm excited.

  4. Thanks for posting LittoKids on your site. I am working on my new design for the furniture and bedding. Your support is very important to me.
    Carina Yen / designer / LittoKids


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