Tuesday, June 10, 2008

house guest. {welcome steph!}

I love reading about other moms, their tips, their tricks. I love to feed off their enthusiasm for the things they do and love. I thought you might love it too!

Meet Steph:

Best mom tip?
Be silly with your kids.

Biggest time saver?
When I go upstairs I bring something with me; when I go down, same gig. I use a handled basket for easy transport.

Your workout routine?

Running up and down the stairs approximately 123 times per day; coupled with healthy eating and reasonable portions, which probably isn't much of a workout routine really but it does keep me on the right track.

Your current ipod playlist?
Hmm...let me go grab that. Alright, these are my current favorites:

If I Ever Feel Better, Phoenix
Voila, Jeanne Cherhal
You're Beautiful, James Blunt
Trouble, Coldplay
Des que j'te vois, Vanessa Paradis (I think she's Johnny Depp's gal)
Beast of Burden, Rolling Stones
Not the Only One, Bonnie Raitt
Video, India Arie
Work That, Mary J. Blige
As Long as You Follow, Fleetwood Mac
Something About You, Level 42
Lowdown, Boz Scaggs

Can't live without?
I wish it weren't so but MAC Studio Finish Concealer is definitely top on the list. Apparently skin blemishes aren't exclusive to adolescent years...at least in my case. The Sonia Kashuk liquid concealer is excellent too for under-eye circles.

your beauty fix?
the occasional waxing of the brows at a local Aveda salon

Your fashion pet peeve?
Underwear hanging out on the backside and socks with sandals (sorry, that's two!)

Most you've ever spent on a pair of shoes?
Once I paid $100 for a pair of boots...on sale. That doesn't mean I don't have shoes worth more than that, I just don't ever pay full price. Once I found a pair of $180 Italian leather pumps at T.J. Maxx for $80...brand new of course. It really does pay to shop around!

5 minute meal?
Fresh pasta with a quick Pomodoro Sauce (diced tomatoes, olive oil, garlic or onion, herbs)

Favorite restaurant?
Gary Danko (San Francisco)

your design style?
I love everything from Modern Country (think Sundance catalog), to Danish Modern, to Modern/Traditional, to Mid-century Retro classics. I know, I know...I'm all across the board here! One could accurately say I'm still trying to figure out "my style" :) It's coming together though...

1/2 hour to yourself, what are you doing?
Reading the latest Domino, blasting music while baking, or cruising my favorite blogs.

Favorite tv show?
LOST (I watch it on itunes sans commercials....sweet!)

your dream vacation?
a cooking workshop in Greece or Italy.

Your first job?
Official: At age 16 I started filing at my Dad's office; I'd recently wrecked my friend's car and needed to come up with some cash to pay for my mistake. Luckily, I've never been in an accident since! (knock on wood)

Unofficial: Selling French Breakfast Muffins at my parent's tag sales (a.k.s. garage sales, yard sales). Let it be noted this was extremely lucrative for an eleven-year-old as most people, especially early birds, are quite hungry at 8 a.m. I usually sold out within minutes!

What do you do now?
What don't I do? (wink) I clean, organize, cook, bake, create, read, design (20%), take care of my three children...and husband (80%). My life is more difficult in many ways and I'm required to work extra hard to make things happen, but it is also the most rewarding work I've ever done.

How do you relax at the end of the day?
Doing the same things I do when I have a spare half hour to myself plus an errand or two OR listening to Debussy while cleaning up dinner dishes. Crazy perhaps, but true nonetheless :)


  1. Stephanie...I love your blog! I am seriously thrilled that Tangled and True gets you for a few days. You've got a darling family and GREAT taste!

  2. Nice to meet you, Steph!

    We share the same name...and the same affection for a certain show (yes, I'm a fellow Lostie and we also watch the show online without the commercials...it's so much better that way!).

  3. Where are the winners posted? I kept checking back as you said to for the VB5 winners but could never find them. Do you e-mail winners?


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