Wednesday, June 18, 2008

house guest. {welcome nat!}

This weeks house guest happens to be a personal friend of mine, she loves baking, sewing, reading and spending time with her family, she's a perfect t+t fit!

Meet Natalie:

Wife to Ethan, Mom to Kade and Addison

one word that describes you? 

your biggest adventure? 
right now, working full time, getting Ethan through school, raising our two children and still being happy.

favorite travel destination? 
anywhere with a beach and a good book

your dream job? 
bakery/boutique owner

beauty fix? 

can't live without? 
Ethan (my husband) and my kids

what you're currently reading? 
the latest real simple magazine

most recent download? 
madonna - hard candy

kid friendly meal? 
Ethan's chicken fingers or quesadillas

summer dessert? 
peach cobbler, ice cream of any kind

date night out? 
usually at our favorite restaurant, Pizzeria 712 or the movies


  1. OOOh Nat. I am excited for your post.

  2. Hey to see you on here! I'm so excited to see your posts. You're cool :)


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