Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Kitchen by Guest Blogger Stephanie

Brittany requested photos of my kitchen so I snapped a few today during a quiet moment called nap time. I live in a newer home so my kitchen doesn't have as much personality as many newly renovated kitchens or old charmers, but I do the best with what I have...and I'm grateful to even have a kitchen complete with a built-in dishwasher (a first for us!).

Adding a custom roman shade really "cozied" up
the kitchen and gave it more personality

This is essentially my dumping ground...everyone needs one
of these in my opinion! But, it also houses my personal correspondence
and stamps (metal box), our family toaster, a Snow & Graham calendar
that makes me happy everyday, my LobotoME MomME planner,
and metal containers holding things I always need {that are little}
like clips, pins, post-it notes, spare change, etc.

Before we moved in the builder wanted to charge several
thousand for a built-in desk. We couldn't believe it! We opted to forgo
the desk and make a little "station" on our own for only a few hundred.
I like displaying my cookbooks this way as I'm reminded to use them!

A very simple kitchen table with French bistro chairs. Words can't
express how much I love them. They are stylish and durable--making them
perfect for a family with young kids that still wants to have a cool dining set :)


  1. Beautiful Steph!

    I love the cookbook display. So, so lovely.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I also love the cookbook display, what a great idea, and those chairs are great! Where did you get them? I think the kitchen tour was great!

  3. Wonderful. I'd love to know where you got those chairs too, as well as the stool at your computer table. thanks!

  4. such a cheerful (and CLEAN) and organized kitchen! glad you are still loving your momME planner!
    J :)

  5. Cute, cute kitchen. You are ORGANIZED! Want to come over and see what you can do with my place? :)

  6. Okay, so it looks like the chairs are a hit :) I bought them at Sundance...well the outlet. I buy them slightly scratched (unnoticeable) in the "As-Is" department for about 60% off the regular price. You can purchase them in "perfect" condition at Sundance and online. They are Tolix I believe--from France. The stool is also made by Tolix and can be found in the Sundance catalog. Hope that helps! I noticed Pottery Barn started carrying them too but they are sold out of the metal ones.

    P.S. "Emlizalmo" I'd love to help you with your kitchen!

  7. Seriously, where did you get those chairs. From your picture they look like EXACTLY what I am looking for. We have an old old old wood table, and I want to mod it up with some great chairs. Do you have a link?? Thanks!

  8. try www.sundancecatalog.com then click on furniture. You'll see them!


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