Wednesday, June 4, 2008

flip and tumble.

If you ask me, the biggest problem with reusable bags is the inconvenience of it all. Mine are never readily available for a variety of reasons, and so the cycle goes, I buy cute reusable bags, they frequently go unused.. until now. 

I've been wanting to do my part in this department. I like the idea of using reusable bags, so I decided to make it work. Over the next few weeks I hope to introduce you to some of the most innovative and user friendly reusable bags on the market.

We'll begin with flip and tumble. I LOVE these bags. They roll up like a pair of socks (doubling for child entertainment in a restaurant, doctors office, etc.). And unfold to a versatile, stylish, reusable bag, complete with shoulder padding. They've made it easy to use 24-7. It takes up almost no space in your purse or messenger bag, the colors are bright and fun and most importantly, I actually use it. It's simple, innovative and the perfect solution for all my shopping bag woes.

The Specs:

bag size: large enough for 3 half gallons of milk and then some (tested and confirmed by yours truly)
ball size: 3" in diameter or the size of a peach (but squishy so can be smaller)
weight capacity: 25 pounds, they say strong enough for a bowling ball or two (haven't tried this)
material: ripstop nylon
Plastic bags spared: 1,000+
Price: $12 and totally worth it in my opinion!
bonus feature: At the end of your bags life, don't send it to the landfill, mail it back to them and they'll recycle it. 


  1. I love these--- I could even carry them in my purse because my biggest problem with reusable bags is remembering to bring them in the store!

  2. ooooooh, these are perfect for me!

  3. I have this same problem. It's terrible. I've stood at the register thinking about this and told the bagger just to put everything back in my cart and that I'd put it in the bags when I got to my car. I keep wondering if I will ever remember them, plus if you do keep them in the front seat so you'll remember them they make the car look cluttered. These your showing are an awesome idea!!!!!!

  4. how cool!! gonna have to pick up some... :)

  5. I love it!! I can throw it in the baby bag and whip it out when we need it!

  6. You have to check these ones out as well--they are really cute in person.


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