Tuesday, March 20, 2007


While I'm on the animal theme, I wanted to rave about the great art work Design Mom recently posted on her blog. National Badger [I know, sorry for all of the link inlays] is basically brilliant. When you're looking for art (or decoration in general) in the nursery, don't you just want color and simplicity that looks quality but playful? I do. And I'm getting really convinced to make a purchase when I undergo the decorating Cole's room project. I'm actually really excited to take this on...I love decorating and I love Cole. But it's just hard to do it when I'm not wanting to live in this condo for very much longer. I like these the best:

Great combination, right! [With 31 choices of animals, several color options, and 3 different sizes...and the option to customize, how could you go wrong?]


  1. I saw these and thought they were cute...I thought it would be fun in a kids bathroom as well.

  2. these are so great! I think you definately have to have the right room for it. I am a baby art junkie, and my taste in nurseries is way too diverse for how many babies I want to have! but here are some fun modern baby art websites that I found. there are tons out there, but I thought that you might like these:


    go to decor, or wall art, and you'll find some great stuff.

  3. Sarah, I love modern nursery and the hipkidart.com is a great new link. [I would pick the hippo or the vintage red tricycle.] Fun.
    Idea: post the pictures of YOUR nursery murals, etc. on this blog as well as some of your favorite art ideas/links. Would you be interested in being a "guest blogger"??

  4. sure...i'd love to! give me a little bit to get somethings together. the sites I have, but some of the art stuff, I need to scan, etc. with the weekend coming, it might be a bit.

  5. okay. email me when you're ready. no rush. I'm so excited.


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