Thursday, March 8, 2007

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When looking for our stroller my main criteria was that it had to be light, durable and easy to take on and off public transport. We went back and forth between the Maclaren Techno XT and the Quinny Zapp, which was a little different from the norm. I also loved how it folded down SO tiny.

A lot of people get the prams here, but it just wasn't efficient for us and it's very expensive ($700). I like prams, but they just weren't right for our life. Side note: There are SO many different strollers in London - some of them look like exercise machines. Also, it was difficult for me to find travel systems here.

Alas, we were safe and stuck with the Maclaren. Reasons? It was light, had great reviews, had four different positions, could be used from birth and had storage space. In the first few months I regretted the decision, because Izzy HATED her stroller. The Quinny allows for a carrier to snap into it and is also a forward facing stroller if you take the carrier out. I thought she would have liked her stroller more if she could see me and that wasn't an option with the Maclaren.

She likes her stroller now. In fact, she likes it because she loves being outside. I'm happy with the Maclaren. It hasn't changed my world and it's not that exciting, but it has proved faithful. It's light and durable - it's been tossed on 11 different planes and still works perfectly. It does need the optional eating tray for children and cop holders for me. I need to see if they have those optional accessories.

When it's time for another one, I'm interested in the Phil and Ted's E3 double stroller.

What strollers have you guys gone with? Are you happy with them? Would you buy them again?


  1. Lindsey! So strange...I was going to do a "Phil and Ted's" post today. I bought the E3 the day we found out that I was having a boy. It was our first big purchase...a celebration of sorts. I bought it because:
    1. We lived in Boston with cobblestone and a lot of sidewalk lips and bumps and I walked everywhere. Whatever I got HAD to be "all terrain" and had to be durable since it was our main mode of transportation.
    2. It had the option to add the second seat (like in the picture you posted) for when we have our second child. (I'm practical.)
    3. It can act as a jogger if you lock the front wheel.

    I love it! I'm so glad that I got it! It isn't very light though, so hauling it up and down stairs isn't fun. But it's comfortable, can be used from newborn to "you shouldn't be in a stroller anymore" and Cole seems comfortable. The only thing that I found to be a little odd: the 5 point harness system has been loose until just recently. It hasn't posed a problem for us..but it's a design flaw.

    I also have the Phil and Ted's portable crib/cot and love it. We got it for our trip to Hawaii last year and loved it. It was perfect for the beach (has shaded netting for naps)!

    I'm a fan.

  2. Just to clarify: you can buy the Phil and Ted's stroller without the second seat. But you can ALWAYS add the second seat. (The single and the double are the same stroller...the double just has an added feature/kit.)

  3. So, did you get the single and when you have a second buy the double part Kelli?

    I've only just begun to hear about Phil and Ted's. I heard about it a few months ago from a friend in NY that was deciding between that and the MacClaren. She went with the McClaren too...I think b/c of the weight issue.

    I have the Peg Perego Pliko P3 stroller. I was deciding between the MacClaren and the Peg Perego, but I liked how the carseat could snap into the Pliko and I liked the eating tray/sippy cup holder for Avery, which we have just started using the past couple months. She likes it though. Always has...I liked the Kate Spade MacClaren, but worried if this was my only girl...

    We also have the Ironman Jogger, which I LOVE. It's smooth and the sun shade is perfect that covers every bit of sun. It was practical for me since I plan on running with my babies, but I may end up needing to get the double with a second.

    I'll have to check out the Phil and Ted's. The E3 looks cool!

  4. I am glad the stroller is working out better now. Sounds like the lightness is perfect for your "jetsetter" lifestyle. I remember last summer when I was visiting you in London you were not digging that stroller (or should I say Izzy was not digging it). And you really wanted cupholders. Does the Phil and Ted have cupholders? This is all good for me to learn for once I am ready to have a baby...

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  6. No cupholders. I'm sure eventually I'll get a more portable stroller...with cupholders. We'll see.

  7. Missy- yep. That's how it works. Buy the single and then add on the double. And apparently, kids LOVE sitting in the bottom (addition part).

    Oh, another "con": you can't snap in a carseat. I didn't need this feature in Boston, but transfering a newborn from a carseat to stroller and back to carseat could be a bit of a pain.

  8. I have the Peg Perego Pliko P3 and LOVE it! It was, for me, a perfect cross b/w light weight and portable, and a stroller with a travel system, sturdiness and padding. Does great on cobblestone, fantastic features, I can close and open it with one hand, and very comfy. I hear that they make a great double stroller too. I have two double strollers...a jogger and a regular one. One thing to think about with a double stroller...I have two little ones, and who ever is in the back likes to pull hair or kick the one in the front. That isn't very fun, and hard to control when the culprit can't even talk yet. I also have a BOB trailer Duallie jogger stroller and LOVE it. Heavy, but easy to fold down...pros are that the ride is smooth, can take on anything, the visor covers up any sun, waterproof, 4 elastic cup holders, foot rest, looks great, great storage, seperate compartments for each kid, great wheels, and has a clear peek-a-boo shade to see the kids (that covers up also). Cons are that it is wide and heavy. but, most double joggers are. Good luck!

  9. Sarah, it sounds like we have the same strollers - my Ironman is a BOB too.

    I'm glad that you are liking the MacClaren Lindsey. Sometimes I wish I could get one of those too. It seems like those are a little lighter weight, but the Pliko is light too. I've thought about getting the MacClaren double for when I have two kids...Linds, do you know why Iz didn't like it in the beginning or was it just that newborn stuff that we dealt with?

    Sarah, how old are your babies?

  10. Kelli, I didn't know the Phil and Ted's came as a single and then you bought the second seat thing. That's so efficient of them. And it's great you already have it!

    Missy/Sarah, I really like the Peg. I had never heard of it. It looks a lot like the Maclaren but with the added tray.

    Our friends have the Phil and Ted's and when Izzy was really small we went to the park with them and she napped (sort of napped, she didn't really nap then)in the under part.

    I wanted the travel system, but like you Kelli, living in a city and not driving much doesn't make it necessary. Especially now that she is older and would never be able to sleep through the transition.

    Miss, my sister has the double Maclaren and converted to Maclaren because of it.

    I think that Izzy didn't like the Maclaren because she couldn't see me maybe? I don't know. It was during the whole non-sleeping phase in the early months. Seriously. She hated being in the stroller in the early months. Sometimes we would get about 20 minutes in, but that was about it. Now she loves it, of course. But, yeah, maybe it had some connection to the no-naps or something. Phew. Glad that's over.

  11. I like the Kate Spade Maclaren. Very posh!

  12. missy, my babies, Addie and Ian, are just barely 2 and just barely 1 years old, respectively. yes, just 12 months aparts! its a handful, but fun! don't you just love the BOB?? It's just barely starting to get warmer here, and I cAN't wait to take it out of storage!!


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