Wednesday, March 7, 2007


What picks you up during the day? I can't be the only one that has sluggish days every once in a while. I've realized that just getting outside can really brighten my mood. Specifically getting outside and NOT going on a run or getting a workout, but walking around the neighborhood holding my little girl and pointing to the birds in the sky.

BUT, what about you that can't get outdoors? Here are some things that we've done when it's "cold" for us...and I don't want to spend money.

1) Turn on some music and dance
2) Fill up the tub and play with different toys than "bedtime bath toys" ie: anything plastic that I can find in my kitchen
3) Build a fort (ok, Devin actually did this on a Saturday, but I watched and was happy to come in and see all the little things "they" built)
4) Bake cookies! And eat them!
5) Get really excited when Avery does something special...I've noticed that when I start clapping and exclaiming at little things I get more excited about the day as a whole
6) Blow bubbles...I'm usually just as amused watching them as she is
7) Head to the library or Barnes and Noble for storytime
8) Do some yoga poses - Avery actually laughed at me as I was doing them, watching me go up and down. She found it amusing, I guess!
9) Vacuum with baby in the Bjorn - I just did this the other week and although it was heavy and exhausting...I had fun because she was attached to me!
10) Make your husband a card and have it be "from" the baby. I stamped Avery's hand in an ink pad and then put together an "I Love You" card to Devin from her. She didn't particularly enjoy the inked hand (she doesn't seem to like stuff on her hands), but she liked watching me put together the card (and playing in the paper).

What do you do?


  1. I had one of these days yesterday. I think it was adjusting from my vacation in Spain? What brightens my day...

    definitely getting outside brightens mine and Izzy's day! This is number one. Going on a walk, discovering a new road/shops in London. One of my favorite things to do and I always feel better and so does my little outdoors girl.

    Going to the parks, pushing Iz on the swing.

    Eating chocolate, baking cookies or muffins (and eating them too)! :) Definitely a good activity for raining days.

    Cleaning something - being productive and knocking things off my to do list.

    turning on the music, taking Iz swimming, exercising with my new home dvds, re-arranging furniture or visualizing how I want a certain room to look. Organizing a space in the house.

    Uploading photos I want to get printed and having them delivered.

    Making and eating pizza.

    Visiting teaching

    Getting on all fours and chasing Iz around the house. She loves this "I'm going to get you game".

    Fun post, Miss. I love that Devin built a fort. Oh and heading to Barnes and Nobel or the library is always positive! The card idea is adorable. Iz likes to chase the vacuum around, but I haven't tried her in the baby bjorn in ages. I don't think my back could take it!

  2. These are good. It's raining this morning and I'm going to try the later nap thing with Cole, so I think I need some of these ideas!
    I agree: #1 for us is getting outside. We live in a little town in the middle of nowhere...and I don't have a car. SO...getting "outside" is walking as far as I can with a happy baby in a stroller or baby bjorn (which is getting REALLY heavy.) I love to go to the park with him and show him the water (pond) and the ducks and try the baby slides.
    #2. Music and dancing. It's a workout and Cole stares at me like I'm crazy. He loves when I pick him up and we dance together.
    #3. If I try to put in an exercise video during the day, I always feel better. Last night both of us were dressed and ready for a run the second Brad walked in the door. Exercise is so rejuvinating.
    #4. I love to flip throgh magazines and cut out anything I would use for a recipe or decorating or creative ideas. Cole loves tearing up the pages I won't use.
    #5. Get in even just 20 minutes of a novel I'm reading.
    #6. Read Milly Moo to Cole. His new favorite book. He loves it every time and will even let me read all of it before he races away.
    #7. Bakinging is a good one...but I don't do it very often. If I ever am in the kitchen, Cole empties any drawer he can reach and plays with the whisks, wooden spoons, measuring cups, etc. All of the "dangerous" stuff is in the very top drawer.
    #8. I need to start putting pictures in Cole's baby book. It's always on the list of activities I could do.
    #9. I have a "to be filed" file and I love when it's finally empty again: all receipts and bills paid, etc. are back in their place in the closet.
    #10. Naps. A nice nap during Cole's nap always helps me feel better.

    I like the bath idea and Cole love when I chase him around in a crawling position and forts are always fun memories. These are good. Maybe I'll try to come up with an official list of age-appropriate activities that I haven't done before to switch things up for next time.


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