Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I love when I find the great finds that aren't fancy shmancy: when you get what you need without having to pay boutique prices or skimp on quality. After the big twelve month check up, I was determined to put the bottles in storage and stock up on a variety of sippy cups. It's only day two for us, put so far Cole has done really well with the Nuby cups I found. They seem like the perfect transition from nipple (be it breastfeeding or bottle): a soft rubber "spout," easy grip handles and pretty aesthetically pleasing. I brought home two twin handle cups,

one with a straw

and one without

(as well as a similar option from Gerber: a pack of two, which he isn't liking as much!) I like Nuby. I especially like the no-spill design, the optional lid for traveling, and the price.

I'm still in search of some other options for keeping milk cold when we're gone for the day, for example. Maybe this. And now I can find a reason to get one of these:

This one year old stuff is fun.


  1. Maybe I'll try the Nuby cups too. She's really not into the sippy cup we have for her right now.

  2. WE LOVE NUBY! a friend recommended it when addie was ready to switch and we will never go back. there are lots ofdifferent kinds, and i love that they don't leak, and that they are more comfortable for the kids. and they are not that expensive. love them!

  3. We're NUBY people too. It was the first one I tried with Avery and she got the hang of it pretty quick. I'd definitely try it Lindsey. Plus they are stylish, I think.


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