Friday, March 30, 2007


We're totally into birds at our house, or rather when we are outside of our house. Avery is always looking up at the sky ready to point out the birds overhead. It really makes for fun playground times. But, I'm dying at these new stuffed birds. I love them and think they would be not only the perfect stuffed animal, but also an accessory to a dresser in a nursery. Just dangle the legs off the side.
Found here.


  1. missy! great find! I love the colors!!! are these weighted, or are they just stuffed toys? Birds are the trend right now! Love it!

  2. Love these! They are soooo cute! I like birds.

  3. And the colors go with Avery's room, right? I think it would add a lot of character. Do you have shelving? Sounds like I need some shelves.

    Have you done much with decorating her room since she was born?


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