Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I forgot to ask my doctor:

Do you know when it is an ideal time to start weaning [Cole] off of binkies? We are completely off of bottles (that was an easy transition for us), but I'm scared for the night where Cole needs to fall asleep without his binky. I'm sure it will be an all-nighter. Any ideas?


  1. I don't know Kelli. I would leave it up to you. When you want to be done giving it to him and are ready for him to learn to go to sleep without a binky.

  2. I agree...it's up to you. I was driving in the car yesterday, and I swear, I saw two twins and they HAD to be at least 3, and they both had binkies. That was just too much. But at the same time, when do you want to choose to give up sleep for a while? Addie never took one, and I am grateful (although being colicky, I wish she would have at the time) but Ian was given one w/o my permission in the hospital since he was in the NICU and I couldn't nurse him. now, I have to decide too! If cole has one during the day sometimes, I would get rid of that first, and then just go cold turkey. Ian spits his out usually once he is asleep, it's just the getting to sleep that will be hard for us. But, It shouldn't take more than a couple nights! if you do it first, let me know...it will give me courage:)

  3. He only gets it during naps or bedtime. And he also spits it out but HAS to have it to fall asleep. It seems like weaning off of binky should happen the same time as weaning off of bottle (??)..

  4. I don't know. It seems like some kids are around 2 when they give up binkies, but I'm not sure. Isobel never took one, although with all of her sleeping issues for awhile, I wished she would have! That's hard.

    Let us know what you do. Good luck!


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