Monday, March 26, 2007


So, my sister-in-law and brother just had their baby girl Lillian June today. Just looking at the pictures brought all sorts of memories and I sort of lump in my throat and thoughts of I want that again. While I'm not planning on getting pregnant anytime in the near future, it took me back to things that I would do differently or change next time. What are a few things that you guys loved or consider "must-haves" for your next or would give advice to for "must buys" for other new mothers?

A few for me:
  • A carrier (bjorn or sling)
  • Burp cloths (stylish ones)
  • Soft and simple clothes for the first couple months (comfort is key for them and easy accessibilty to change diapers for you)
  • Playmat (I never had one, but my sister borrowed one and everytime we went there, Avery loved to just sit and look at the dangly items above)
  • Binkies (nurses scared me about nipple confusion, but once we got Ave a bink, she did quite a bit better)
  • Love these. Best things ever.
  • New clothes for me (So sick of wearing pregnancy clothes and you just want to feel cute. I think next time I will buy a few lounge/lifestyle outfits for myself for post-partum era)

Those are just a few things. I'm sure I'll think of more. But, you know the beginning you don't need a ton of stuff. Just nice things to have ready when you bring the baby home before you feel ready to go out with him/her.


  1. Miss, perfect timing for this post. You are right on for all of them. The only other thing I would add is maybe a pre-stocked fridge with easy and healthy dinners that can be made by the husband.

    I also have to say that I am really enjoying my boppy. I didn't have it with the girls, so maybe that's why I appreciate it more.

  2. Fun post. Memories...For me the must-haves are a bjorn/sling, soft, simple clothes for the baby and new clothes for the mom! Good list, Missy.

    Izzy barely wore any real "outfits" in the first few months. It was summer so the footless one-pieces were perfect (is that what they are called? not sure).

    New clothes - for sure. I think comfy lounge clothes would be perfect. Some nice new yoga pants, fitted tees. I'm definitely doing that next time. I couldn't fit into my clothes for awhile, but needed something new!

    I was so glad I had a manual breastpump too. That really saved me when Izzy wasn't nursing very well in the beginning.

    Nipple cream for the beginning of breastfeeding. Oh, the pain.

    Lansinoh breast pads - Best ever. No leakage here.

    Meggan, how many months have you been able to use the bobby? I never had a bobby, but I'm hearing such good things about them. I'm thinking next time around it will be a nice addition.

    So excited about baby Lilly!

  3. I ditto the feelings of wanting that again...even if it's not soon. I want to give birth again. (Really, the delivery is what gets me emotional.) I never thought I would say THAT!!
    Congratulations to Jen and Ryan. I love big babies. I had one. They seem a bit easier than smaller babies once you get past the blood sugar problems.

    I would definitely "do again" (and there are some repeats):
    1.Baby Bjorn. I couldn't have cooked or cleaned or gone on walks or blogged without it!
    2. a LOT of burp cloths and bibs (and I like them stylish too.)
    3. Lanisol nipple cream. It made a huge difference. I forgot how SORE I was!
    4. a lot of bundling blankets. That was the only way Cole every slept...and with newborns, they get soiled a lot.
    5. small crib pads underneath the newborn (and on top of the sheets) during nap/bed time. It saves changing the sheets several times a day.
    6. plenty of extra sheets.
    7. a really great crib. I love mine.
    8. all organic baby food and formula.
    9. binkies.
    10. a "recovering from pregnancy" (small) wardrobe. So you still feel good in nice clothes.

    Things I didn't do the first time, but would definitely do the next time:
    1. comfortable clothes for the newborn! (I LOVE Babystyle.)
    2. all wooden or quality cloth toys. I'm not into plastic anymore.
    3. a quality baby bouncer. they have some great designs out right now. I always wanted the Bjorn brand..
    4.a baby bathtub.
    5. a Moses basket. (we didn't need it in our last house.)

  4. How could I forget the boppy? I liked mine as well. Of course nipple cream and breast pads and next time I will have Lecithin ready b/c I tend to get clogged milk ducts.

    Great adds girls.

  5. Oh, and the Bumbo. I LOVED it once we discovered it...when Cole was about 3/4 months.

    And Missy, check this site [] out for a play mat. This is the coolest one I've seen in ages (and it's Haba of course).

  6. You guys should publicize this more- I know the majority of my girlfriends have not had children and these are great things to read about as we prepare for motherhood (someday).

  7. What is a boppy? My sister in law is due in three weeks... I'm loving the ideas here. :)

  8. It's a nursing pillow. You can buy them anywhere/everywhere. They are great..but were a little awkward for me. Maybe I have a shorter torso or something.

  9. What is the little thing that allows little babies to sit up? I need to get my sister-in-law a gift for her soon to arrive baby girl.

  10. that's the Bumbo. (on my list of must haves..)


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