Wednesday, June 11, 2008

reader question {diaper bags}.

Hi Tangled and True! I am pregnant with my third child and am desperately searching for a sleek, hip diaper bag. I want one that tends more toward being a great "bag" than shouts "diaper bag", although it of course needs to be functional. Any suggestions?


One of my first suggestions would be my royal heinie. It has been designed to organize all your diaper essentials including diapers, wipes and creams. The two best parts, a built in wipe dispenser giving you easy access (functional) and it is small enough to throw into the bag of your choice.

The Cosmopolitan Carryall by Petunia Pickle Bottom fits my description of a great and functional bag.
Vintage style meets current-day functionality for the sophisticated mom on the go.

Be Changed by Ju.Ju.Be. is a hybrid twist between a pad and a bag. It comes in the form of a messenger bag and if you're lucky you might even be able to convince your husband to carry it.

Last week a "reader tip" came in from Linda saying the Fleurville Sling Tote is all the rage at her local mom's group. The Sling Tote can be carried three ways, over the shoulder, as a messenger bag or attached to your stroller. Not to mention you can use it long after your diapering days since it doubles as a nice handbag.

And finally, all of you out there that are using or have used diaper bags, we'd love to hear from you.. what's worked, what hasn't and of course suggestions are always welcome.


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  2. With my first baby I went through ALOT of different type of bags, but when I finally broke down and bought my Kathy I will never use another one! I absolutely LOVE it! Tons of room and very stylish!

    (Sorry about the deleted comment, the link didn't work!)

  3. i love my ju ju be between, and i also love the be small one as well. both VERY functional without having to use a lot of space. i love that it makes my bag so organized. the next bag on my list to get is the skip hop chic. it looks nice and big to use for a trip or long outing, and looks more designer. it is also very functional and organized, and one of the coolest things, is that the mommy pouch disconnects from the bag, so if you are ever going out on your own, you have a cute clutch, and you don't have to move your stuff around to another, smaller purse just for one night.

    i'm a little obsessed with bags, so i could go on and on, but those are my favorites!

  4. I just purchased the Sling Tote and love it--however it is a bit small for 2 kids. I wish it were wider (rather than taller) and that it had more organizational pockets.

    Great print choices though! And I will be able to use it for other than a diaper bag.

    I am looking at City Chic from Skip Hop . . .it looks bigger but still stylish.

  5. i also went through a bunch of different diaper bags. when i bought my daisy gear bag, he even made a comment that i was buying every diaper bag ever made. daisy gear markets their bags as the "last diaper bag you will ever buy"... and they were right. i LOVE it! the front is reversable, so it can be girly for me, or solid black for my husband. plus, the built in wipes dispenser is INGENIUS!! i have the sport bag, which is a perfect size for me. big enough for all the stuff, but not gigantic and overwhelming. i've never been happier.

  6. I actually just learned about the Cake diaper bags on Oh Joy last week. I bought it and can say I'm truly enjoying this beautiful creature. I can't step one block without someone commenting on it. It is absolutely GORGEOUS and pretty darn functional for such a beautiful bag. There are lots of interior pockets which works great for me (my son has to take a lot of meds) and there seems to be a place for everything. There is also a nice padded changing pad that discretely zips out from the base of the bag. I happen to really like that feature.

    The one and only thing I would say I wish it had was some sort of stroller attachment. The company that makes this bag (Petunia Pickle Bottom) is known for making bags that attach to strollers, but for some reason this one does not. Apart from that, it is hands down the most stylish, most beautiful bag I have ever owned. I can easily use this for years to come.

    Good luck with your search.

  7. I am LOVING the Elizabeth bag by Storksak too- it looks like a purse, not diaper bag. A super cute, hip purse at that!

  8. I have really enjoyed the Sugar Booger by Ore - the fabrics are fun and sophisticated. The only thing missing is a snap...sometimes you have to stuff alot in and a snap just keeps it well contained!

  9. One big thing for me in a diaper bag ... closure. Snaps wouldn't cut it .. that sucker was flying open all the time, puffed up with extra clothes. Zip or nothing for this girl.

    We've got a lesportsac (Toki Doki) bag that's cute as hell and a Diaper Dude (sleek, functional, messenger bag style) and I like both a lot! Hope that's in someway helpful!

  10. I love Fleurville's Mothership, it's more roomy than the sling tote, waterproofed, stands on its own, manageable with one hand, and I was completely sold with the arrival of the blossom crane print (have the pink and the red one) :) Though I was looking at the Petunia's Cake, it lacked the functionality of the Mothership, however I still think that Cake is the most beautiful of them all.


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