Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I'm really excited about Peekaboobaby. They're a brand new company with a perfect product done well: nursing covers. Made from the highest quality cotton prints by top name textile designers such as Kaffe Fassett, Robert Kaufman and Amy Butler.

I had nursing-in-public anxiety with Cole. He wasn't a calm or patient nurser and the attempt to feed him under a blanket on a park bench always proved near impossible. Throughout the five months of our nursing success, I timed being out of the home around his 2 or 3 hour nursing schedule. On the occasion that we wouldn't be able to return to the comfort of my bedroom on time, I packed a bottle and felt at ease. If only I would have known about this product that I will forever more call a necessity!

Peekaboobaby covers are available in a one-size-fits all with plenty of room for any mom and any baby. With 14 fabric options {acanthus, french wallpaper or pom pom please!}, thoughtful features, including a "window" between mom and baby as well as a interior terrycloth pocket {solves the where to put the breast pad problem}, and lovely organza packaging, this is your go-to.

Peekaboobaby's prices are encouraging: $32 for one cover or $58 for a set of 2. {Beats competition...} And free shipping on all domestic orders!

And for already fans... matching burpcloths with the same Peekaboobaby standard, style and function. {$8 each.}

Tried and true. A must for any expecting mother. A perfect {grab and go} gift. Three cheers for Julie Sivley {owner}.


  1. I am a big Peekaboobaby fan! The products are amazing, the service is outstanging, and the whole nursing experience is just a whole lot more wonderful! Get one for yourself, your friend, your sister,your neighboor... Seriously, they are great!

  2. These really are the best way to nurse in public. I was never very good with the blanket either! I love the "window" to see AND the pocket to solve the breast pad? Genius.

  3. I would love to have one of these covers... I'm on my way over to check 'em out!!


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