Thursday, September 6, 2007


reclining two week old Clementine.

We have a reader who is nice and has smart taste in anything from children's names to onesies. Justyn {our friend/reader} has created a beautiful photo blog that she is willing to share. With a peak into her life comes some of her favorites. We're so happy to get to know women like you, Justyn.

1 pogi babies handmade

2 aj & co. etsy shop

3 olive juice kids

4 circular accessories etsy shop

5 chasing fireflies


  1. I'm all about sharing each other's "favorites" - it helps when purchasing to know that someone else recommends (and loves) it too.

    The photoblog is amazing - what type of camera do you use Justyn?

  2. I shoot with a nikon D80 - THANK YOU!


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