Wednesday, September 5, 2007

rebecca tolk photography

While I'm on the topic of art, I'll introduce my newest favorite. Since my husband and I are nature enthusiasts {ie: really enjoy trail running, beach-going, camping etc} I recently fell in love with Rebecca Tolk Photography. She captures everything "outdoor" perfectly meaning that not one of them have been digitally rendered - meaning she is an unbelievable photographer.

This one {above} would be so great in any little surfer's bedroom. Or how about this one in a butterfly-loving girl's room? Maybe I'm focusing too much on kids rooms right now. Just think how perfect any of her photographs would look in a family room. The peaceful {and inspiring} photos make me wish for another Yosemite vacation.

I always jump to the About section on a site. I like to get to know the artist and their story. Rebecca is based out of North Carolina and progressed from shooting weddings to finding her love of nature and a Holga camera. She mounts each photograph {printed on 100% acid-free cotton rag with archival inks} on barnwood from a local woodworker. They are stackable, hangable and perfectly giftable.

She has an Etsy Shop too. Take a peek. You'll be in awe.


  1. i featured rebecca's work on my blog and i have a lovely little image just like that wooden one sitting by my piano. it's very cool.
    and she's super nice, too. :)

  2. What fun and fresh images!! Lovely.


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