Wednesday, September 12, 2007

baby wish list:

This was a fun post that Missy wrote six months ago. A lot has changed since then. 1. Thinking of pregnancy #2 is in my near future, and 2. I keep running across such amazing products. Both of these have led to a list I keep in my Tangled and True {Blissen} journal: the baby wish list.

1. a modern baby bouncer like the svan or oeuf lounger. {the Bloom cocoa baby bouncer is pictured.}
2. a changing table. {I'm in love with this one.} even a great changing cushion would do.
3. modern crib bedding. {I have a list that I love! I'll share when the time comes.}
4. a mobile. {Cole doesn't have one.}
5. a {cariboo} bassinet.

6. a bebe au lait
7. a great nursery lamp. {I love these and this.}
8. wee gallery cards
9. the first 1000 days: a baby journal
10. kina booties
11. babysparewear clothes
12. one lucky baby hooded towels and lovely blankets

13. built ny thirsty totes
14. sigg bottles {they keep the milk cold!}
14. organic baby book

I'm sure this is just the beginning of my wish list. I'm also sure that some will rank higher than others come time to shop. And I also know that this blogging thing {finding amazing products/companies} comes hand in hand with temptation. I love my hobby!

What's on your list?


  1. Temptation is right! My husband jokingly forbids me to by any of the great items/ideas I get from you guys--there are at least one or two things I need/want everyday!

  2. What timing! I just created a wishlist of baby things on amazon yesterday! I also have the cariboo bassinet, the coco bloom lounger. I love your changing table too...


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