Wednesday, September 19, 2007

healthy handfuls.

With kids in mind {most who "prefer candy coatings"}, the Real Simple team set out to find grab-and-go snacks that weren't loaded with fat, preservatives, and calories. They left us with a list.

Tangled and True tip: snack in style with Mobi designer lunch bags.

best granola bar: trader joe's chewy coated granola bars (chocolate chip)
*$2 for a box of 6.

best chips:
popchips original potato chips
*$1.30 for a one-ounce bag

best cheese crackers:
my family farm cheese baked crackers
*$5 for a pack of nine one-ounce bags

best fruit leather: 365 organic cranberry fruit strip
*50 cents for a since .65-ounce fruit strip

best freeze-dried fruit:
crunchies pineapple
* $5 for a 1.5-ounce resealable bag

best snack mix:
nabisco 100 calorie packs (ritz snack mix)
*$3 for a box of six one-ounce bags

best flavored cookies:
snikiddy banana nibbles
*$4.50 for a box of five .85-ounce bags

best plain (vanilla) cookies:
heaven scent natural foods eco-planet organic cookies vanilla
*$1.30 for a 1.5-ounce box


  1. I'll second the Trader Joe's granola bar - perfect for the diaper bag.

  2. PS: I can't believe Annie's snacks aren't anywhere on there...

  3. these are great! I have tried a lot of them, but it is nice to get a comprehensive list for when I run out of ideas!


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