Thursday, September 13, 2007


How have we not discovered Mutsy yet? It's an incredible modern/innovative company with several options for both riders and seating. [View Mutsy's artistic history (since 1938) here.]

I'm most impressed with the Spider: "Revolutionary in design technology, the Mutsy Spider is a remarkably innovative product offering all the benefits of a lightweight buggy with the most compact fold available. Its extremely unique 3-wheel design supports a fashionable reclining seat with side protection. The Spider with the hood, in folded position, can be stored in the coordinated transit bag and be carried on the back. It is also equipped with an adjustable handle, a fully protective hood and a basket for storage." It brings modern, functionality, ease, style or affordability together. We like that! {Available here for only $249!}

Need more Mutsy? The easygrow {highchair turned booster seat} and growup are both pretty incredible as well.

Three cheers for an amazing website.. right?!

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  1. I do have to add that it's really incredible that the Spider is only in the mid 200's/low 300's.. because their other models are two and three times that much!


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