Wednesday, May 21, 2008

sub adventure.

I've slowly been making Cole's room exactly how I want it: creative, organic, happy, modern.  It's become a refreshing transition from nursery to big boy room, but finding the right toddler bedding has, over the last several months, proved a grand challenge.  I've found the options to be: pay $300 for one of the few modern toddler sets on the market.. that I don't even love, sell your soul to Dora the Explorer or Bob the Builder (neither of which Cole knows) or discover Kukunest!  

Kukunest is the perfect option and the only option I ever considered.  Case closed.
"Kukunest came from a dream to create extraordinary designs for children's spaces.  We believe that their living environment should be a reflection of such boundless creativity."

My Sub Adventure set arrived today and I'm giddy excited and beyond pleased.  It's exactly what I was hoping for: unique, free from harmful chemicals (oko-tex certified fabric) and "seriously happy."  The comforter is down-soft and the shapes and colors have already inspired.  This perfect fit comes highly recommended from yours truly.  Only $119 for the comforter, fitted sheet and sham case. 


  1. oh i too have been searching for the perfect big boy bedding. i came across them in my ongoing search and thought their designs were so much fun. but I have still not come to a decision!

  2. I also love their products.
    Sue Wetzel


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