Thursday, May 1, 2008

baby name wizard.

My all time favorite baby name book, seriously it can't be beat. My copy is so used it is literally falling apart at the seams. I am slightly obsessed with baby names whether I am pregnant or not, which I am currently not, but still I find myself browsing the pages, dreaming up names, checking to see what good sibling names would be, highlighting, marking, folding down page corners.

Favorite features: Look up any name, the name of a child you already have and it lists off sibling names in boy and girl choices. A picture graph with every name showing you the trends from the beginning of time (ok not really but a long time ago) until present day, and the amount of not every day names it provides. So wonderful, really.

Some favorite names of mine?

For a girl: Daphne, Violet, Ruby and Scarlett
For a boy: Oliver, Phineas, Amos and Griffin

We know you all have favorite names and we'd love to hear them if you're willing to share...
Happy name browsing.


  1. I really like your name choices! The girls are especially colorful. Ruby is on our list too!

    girl favorites: gretta, lola, mila, ava, lyla
    boy favorites: jonah, eli(jah), jeremiah, jude, gabriel

  2. I love Scarlett! My sister's name is Daphne and a woman at work whose daughter is expecting is going to name her baby Ruby.

    I like Colette, Audrey, and Caroline for a girl.

    Arthur, Tobias, Daniel for a boy.

    My husband and I are not close to a decision!

  3. love that book! it's my favorite, too. they also have a really fun website that goes along with the book. really cool.

    i have a ruby - great name, and violet is on the top of list for the next baby girl. annabelle is my other girl name. boy names - owen, amos, milo, caleb, or fisher. already have a bentley, maxwell, and a jonah. i'm contstantly making lists of baby nams, too. :)

  4. Thanks! I am checking this out from the library ASAP. We found out we are having our third boy this week and have no idea what to name him! Our first two- Andrew and Hudson were easy to agree on.... We like Owen, but it is becoming more popular and we don't like how there are so many we want a more original name... we need help!

  5. Yes, I LOVE this book..thanks for loaning it to me!

    I have always loved emma and ashley, but they are really over-used now...and for boys..hmmm..funny enough, we do like thomas, but I think Lewis would flip if we didn't call him that...we like clark too (c-dogg's maiden name), but we can't have a lewis and clark..ha ha..

  6. That looks like a great book. The market seems to be over-flooded with baby name books, but this one looks different. I'm going to check it out...

  7. I loved this book when I was pregnant and was always cross referencing. So fun! god luck in your name search!

  8. i could have written that post... you are so right on. that is THE baby name book. mine is also falling apart at the seams - maybe they need a new bindery??

  9. Cute name choices!
    Mine are:
    Cora, Margot, or Violet for a girl
    Jonas or Henry for a boy

  10. I love the baby baby girl name Daphne.

  11. I first came across Baby Name Wizard online. I didn't know they had a book! Ruby is a beautiful name. My daughter is Anna and her middle name is Daisy. If we had another daughter we have thought of Ella/Eleanor. For a boy Charles David.

  12. I read the book all the time too, pregnant or not. I have so many favorite names and name families. I recommend it to any mom to be!


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