Thursday, May 1, 2008

amuse me.

I count it brilliant when a product can be designed with simplicity and functionality but still stand out amongst others similar.  Amuse Me Baby creates nursing covers with modern fabric combinations (I especially love Ferris Yellow) and a pattern of small hand tied bows sewn inside for the baby to play with while nursing.  This is genius and an anticipated solution for mothers like myself who had one of those babies that just wouldn't cooperate under a cover because it was.. boring.  Amuse Me holds true to it's name by making an intimate experience comfortable, discreet and happy for mom and baby.  
Each cover is reversible with 25.5 x 32.5 inch fabric panels on both sides.  The 20-inch neck strap is easily adjustable with one hand and fit securely over your head and around your neck.  The boning in the neckline of the cover allows you and only you to see your baby and for your baby to see you.  The patent pending spiral pattern of bright ribbons will Amuse baby keeping their attention under the cover while nursing.  Baby is Amused and Mommy maintains her modesty.  The ribbon side of the cover also makes a wonderful tummy time blanket on the go.  One item, several uses, everything should be this multi-functional!
And because they are a thoughtful, mom-run company, the covers are 100% cotton and shipped with a mesh laundry bag for a gentle machine wash.  6 style options and a pleasant customer service policy makes this your new go-to.  $65 and worth the peace of mind!  

tangled and true deal: 20% off orders over $60 with the code "TangledTrue".  The offer is good May 1 through June 30th.


  1. i love that these give baby something to do while nursing other than flinging the blanket off.

  2. Very clever! I wonder what moms will come up next!


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