Wednesday, May 14, 2008

kid-friendly bento.

We're not quite at the stage where Cole's lunches call for creativity... yet, but the idea of preschool bento lunches is brilliant, as seen on Wendolonia blog.  The packaging is cool, the menu's are perfectly kid-friendly and the idea of my child having one of those sought-after "sack" lunches- fun!  

How do you stir it up?

via notes.  


  1. We struggle with lunch so this post is perfect for ideas to get something into Presley's tummy before her nap.

    We regularly do the berries and string cheese but I love the idea of deli meats and cheeses rolled up with a rice-cracker type crunchy side dish.

    We also like to do a little Italian-type lunch of cherry tomatoes, olives, and pieces of string cheese all mixed up together--maybe some meats would make a nice addition.

  2. kelli, i love this find. i think it is such a great idea. we will definitely be adding it to our list of things to try.

  3. I love this idea. I will have to store that away for when my oldest starts preschool.

  4. I'm so impressed - where does she find the time? I mean, cooking it all up and blogging about it too!

  5. So darn cute! We have little TOTORO bentos that the wee ones love! Nice to hae ideas for how to use them!

  6. oh those toys are just the coolest. I've definitely got a soft spot for fake food but that cash register is just the best!


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