Monday, September 10, 2007


I can't believe that October is already approaching. This Halloween Cole will be 19 months. That's a little crazy.. but exciting to think about how much fun this will be for him. After my first experience with the fish costume last year {beyond cute.. but.. well, not the right fit for a 7 month old}, I've learned to shop with both comfort and warmth being the key considerations for any costume prospects.

I'm leaning towards Kangaroo

but for some reason, this turtle seems oh-so-fitting.

{See all Babystyle costumes here.} Any other favorites?


  1. I think my favorite of the 2 is the turtle. I really like the peacock on the website though! You should try ebay, you can get some of the same ones for cheaper.

  2. THat's so funny because I already bought the turtle for my 14 month old ... and he looks SOOO cute in it! We tried it on for our extended family one day and they all fell in love with it... AND I think it's a decent price and wonderful quality. I think he'll have fun playing dress up in it too!
    - Chelsea

  3. Laney was the kangaroo last year for Halloween. It was comfortable and warm. And of course she looked cute!

  4. Payton is going to be the Babystyle pink octopus! She will be adorable in it...I already received it and it is just darling! However, it is very warm and we live in Florida, so it may be 85 degrees outside on Halloween!

  5. Presley was the pink octopus last year--it is a great costume. Kelli, I really liked Cole in the goldfish last year. I haven't found a costume for this year, yet.

  6. I like the kangaroo! My 2 year old son is going to be Buzz. I hate the costume but he loves Toy Story. Ben is 8 months and so I hate the idea of him being uncomfortable. babyGap has these cute skeleton pj's that i'll get for him...hence he will go as a skeleton.

  7. I love babies in the Gap pj's. That's the way to go for little babies, I think.

    Cole needs to be the turtle Kelli. He'd look so great in it.


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