Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Lunch: Winter Squash Soup

Despite the heavy meal that looms in the late afternoon/early evening, it's still necessary to eat lunch on Thanksgiving Day. I understand that it's temptation to skip over lunch on Thanksgiving because it's one of theose things you don't want to make time for amidst all the preparation and cooking going on. But, around 11 or 12 your body will be ready for some nourishment.

Each year we like to make this soup for Thanksgiving Day lunch. It's simple, it's easy to make, it's light, and most importantly...delicious! Serve with a light salad, a crusty roll or the Gruyere toasts mentioned with the recipe and you've nailed it. To save time, make the soup a day ahead...soups almost always taste better 24 hours later! Another added time saver is to purchase pre-cut butternut squash at your local gourmet grocery store (refrigerated produce section) or at Costco.




  1. this sounds really good, we will have to give it a try on Thursday.

  2. What a fabulous idea! I love that you can make it ahead of time. We always end up not eating and then the children are a bit crabby!

  3. hallelujah for lunch on thanksgiving. we most always feast with my husband's family and they skip breakfast and lunch that day. I'm a beast by mid morning, and my toddler is too! I love this idea--a one dish, make-ahead, light precursor to the forthcoming meal.


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