Thursday, November 19, 2009


I love the holiday season. The feelings they stir up inside and the crispness that swirls through the air. I love the excuse to celebrate and give thanks for all that I have. Not that I need an excuse, but gratitude always shows up around Thanksgiving. Now that my boys are growing bigger, I want to start a new tradition. I want to sit around the fire with my sweet little family and take turns expressing our thanks. My little guys [four and almost three] are old enough to take part. I want to instill in them a lasting gratitude and what a better time to start than at Thanksgiving.

I'll go first...
I am grateful that my husband is alive.
That he was not seriously hurt in his motorcycle accident.
And that my family of four is whole.
For this I am thankful.

What are you thankful for?



  1. only 4 more weeks of graduate school, a little sunshine, charlie & lola, hot cocoa.

  2. we finally closed on our house after two months and are moving. And mouse on the mayflower is a great thanksgiving movie I will be sharing with my little people this year.

  3. being married, four kiddos, a house, stable job, the Lord, extended family & friends

  4. love
    food to eat
    a roof over our head

    thanks molly for getting this started!

  5. We are grateful for the same thing!-my husband was in a car accident this spring and I am still feeling so grateful that although his car was totaled, he was totally fine. Also, so thankful for family, health, work, renters, my children and when my children go to sleep at night after a long day : )

  6. I'm thankful for:
    * my hardworking husband
    * my talkative, gregarious, compassionate 3-year-old
    * my smiley, sweet, and super content 8-month-old
    * our health
    * our vision
    * our home
    * our recent getaway to Disneyland



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