Sunday, November 29, 2009

If you're looking to impress this holiday season, Sucré is your answer. The perfect hostess gift.. something for that all too impossible to shop for person on your list, your spouse, your best friend, all of them will love what Sucré has to offer.

Macaroons, simple, colorful and delicious.. they're a sure fire hit and almost too pretty to eat.

When the Sugar and Spice Holiday collection showed up on our front porch, serious fighting ensued. The girls, Ryan and I all wanted them. They were heavenly, but I wanted to put these chocolates to the test (even if it meant sacrificing my own desires). I phoned our good friends, knowing they are well versed in the land of chocolate. If they gave Sucré the stamp of approval, that would be the best indicator of all.

I am happy to say they passed with flying colors. They have Dr. Greg and Sara's stamp of approval.. so it's official, they are GOOD!

and they look like pretty glass marbles. You should try some. You'll be glad you did.

Special offer for T+T readers: $10 off your order of $70+ (this can be used for multiple addresses) by using code SUCRÉ at checkout.


  1. Wow, these really do look lovely.

  2. oh holy moly Brittany you always post things that I end up buying!!

  3. our personal favorite was the dark chocolate egg nog...:) YUM!!!

  4. if you think their chocolates are beautiful, you should come to their store here in new orleans! it is amazing!

  5. we visited sucre's brick and mortar in new orleans this summer. oh so pretty. and yummy!

  6. Oh wow. Those look really really really really good. Ok, Katie...close eyes, turn away...

    Can't do it.


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