Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Final Tip and Sanity Saver from amr

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Or keep your sanity and "savor" this. This is not exactly an idea - more a tip. My mom is a world class cook. No kidding. Her stuffing is made from bread crumbs that she crumbled herself from bread she made herself a few days earlier. Thanksgiving dinner is no joke at my house. It pains me to say this (and I secretly hope she doesn't read it) but last year I had my first bite of Costco's pumpkin pie. And then I had another and another - then another. I kid you not. It tasted EXACTLY the same. I could nearly swear it was made from my mom's own homemade pumpkin pie recipe. So if you're desperate for a little help and relief from your kitchen this week - remember Costco can fool even the most home grown palates.


  1. and for a mere $6, that giant PERFECT costco pie is worth every little penny. amen!

  2. Agree completely! We loved every bite and just finished it off yesterday. There was a bit of a dispute about how evenly we'd divide up the last piece.


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