Thursday, April 23, 2009

guest post: spring/summer jean trend

I'm pretty excited about women's fashion trends this season. For one, showing less skin is in vogue (according to this LA Times article I read recently, "skirt lengths [are] falling in concert with the stock market") and clothing is comfortable again. Really comfortable. Maybe even baggy. And when I have to chase my 18-month-old up some crazy, grassy hill at the park, I am down with the baggy. So, to the new trend that is called 'boyfriend jeans,' I give you the thumbs up.

What do you think of this trend? Pass, or fail?

If you feel compelled to loosen your style, here is a collection of boyfriend jeans, all under $80:

BDG Ripped Boyfriend Jean
501 Boyfriend Jeans Cracked Blue
Charlie Low-rise Boyfriend Jean
Calvin Klein Cropped Cuffed Boyfriend Jeans
Hydraulic Boyfriend Jeans
Levi's 501 Boyfriend Cut Jeans (jean at top of post)


  1. I like them but if only I was skinny like them. Do they have maternity boyfriend jeans?

  2. I must be cool. I've been wearing my jeans like this in the summer for years.

  3. Cracks me up.I grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma. We all had these jeans, maybe even worse-I mean better, LOL! But they sure were not worn into town!

  4. Sweet! I am in fashion!! :) Love the realistic look. And it won't break your bank, too. Though, I really have to move away from tshirts.

  5. What I love is I can get them at the thrift store or use my husband's old jeans, I guess hence the name "boyfriend jeans". :-)

  6. cool. i've been with the trend all during post-pregnancy. i guess i don't have to give away those tattered jeans that are loose on me now.

  7. I am glad to see the trends have finally caught up with me ;
    I should probably pick up a couple pairs as mine are pretty thread bare!

  8. I love this trend. But I'm wondering how it would look on my body shape. I'll have to try a pair...


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