Tuesday, April 28, 2009

rock a bib baby.

sleep, drool and rock 'n roll. We're right in the throes. I enjoy the rocking and rolling during the day and the sleeping during the night, we're getting there, but the closer we get to a "regular" schedule, the older Finn is and the drooling increases. Rock a Bib Baby has proven to be the perfect solution. Rather than ducks and trucks he's sporting bibs that are as stylish as the clothes underneath. 

Rock a Bibs feature cool rock inspired fabric designs backed with ultra-soft, absorbent white cotton chenille. Each bib is reversible and features an easy on/off front Velcro closure. They are great for drooling in style all day long.
They're absorbent, hip, last all day long and preserve the clothing underneath. Every baby deserves to drool in style.

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