Monday, April 20, 2009

guest post: the prettiest kites of all

I'm very much into kites these days, and some online browsing led me to some beautiful designs. In all honesty, my three-year-old is perfectly content with his $5 Spider Man kite. But I like to daydream about going on a picnic lunch date with my husband and sending one of these into the sky. Then taking the longest nap ever known to mom-kind.

I got my eye on the Chinese kites made of bamboo and silk.
  1. Yellow Silk Butterfly Kite
  2. Karner Blue Butterfly Kite
  3. Delta Rainbow Kite
  4. Chinese Colorful Eagle Kite
  5. Clown Fish Kite
  6. Red Big Dragon Kite
  7. Bali Dragon Kite


  1. What pretty kites!! In the last year, my husband and I have rediscovered how therapeutic kiting is. I love it.

  2. love these kites!! brings back such wonderful memories...i think we'll have to get a kite this summer. :)

  3. I'm quite the kite lover myself. In fact so much so i have a little collection built. Check out ebay for some great kite finds.

  4. So pretty! We've been into kite-flying this spring too, and are also using a Spiderman one per our three-year-old's request. These are gorgeous!

  5. I am really pleased with the fairy kite we got at Costco for 12.99. I love watching her long legs flap in the breeze.


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