Monday, April 27, 2009

we're off today.

We're off celebrating two very special birthdays today. Lily (5) and Stella (3). They almost share a birthday, only two days in between. Regular posting will resume tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


  1. Your girls are very sweet and I love their names. Have fun today and tell them happy birthday from a blogging friend.

  2. Great blog! I've enjoyed reading through all the posts. Great ideas and lovely photos.

  3. Beautiful pics! Have a great time with your girls. Close birthdays are the BEST.

  4. Where did you get those darling dresses!!! I want some for my girls. Happy birthday to the girls!

  5. They're so cute! And stylish too! Where did you get those dresses...and sweaters...and shoes?

    Happy Birthday to your two sweet girls.


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