Monday, October 6, 2008

Time Travel

I have a hard time finding art to fill my boys' walls. My sons are 5 and 2, and their interests change weekly. One day it's Lightning McQueen, the next day it's Star Wars. Their favorite themes can range from Batman to Elmo, so decorating in a way that pleases them is difficult (mostly because I can't stand themed rooms anyway, especially character-centered ones). I see a lot of art I like at places like Land of Nod, but at this point in my life, $100 for one print just isn't feasible. Most of the child's room art I find on Etsy or similar websites seems too babyish or girly for my little dudes.

A while back, though, I saw these great posters on the Scoop, the Orange Beautiful blog. They've been on my mind ever since. I mentioned before that, basically, we are cultivating little nerds in our house. What can I say, we want our kids to be successful, and we feel smarting them up will put them on that path. You know, all the guys I dated before I met my husband were the cool guys: the singers of bands, the cool guy at the club. But you know who I married? The smart guy with a plan for his life. And I never regretted that.

Anyway, TANGENT! Sorry. How cool are these Time Travel Posters from 826LA? How fun to start a conversation about Pangaea or Ice Age creatures while kissing your son goodnight. Each poster is $19.99, or you can get all five for $89. That's my plan.

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  1. Those are awesome! What a great idea. I'm looking for something similar. Off to check out the website...

  2. they're so unique, I love 'em!


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