Monday, October 6, 2008

Pleased to Meet You

Hello! I'm so happy to be blogging at Tangled & True this week. I'm a long-time reader and fan. A quick bit about me: I've recently entered my thirties (yikes) and am a mother of three children, ages 7, 5 & 2. I've been married for ten years to a wonderful Southern endodontist who treats me well and loves to be with our kids. I grew up in Southern California, but have lived here in Texas for seven years. We live in the suburbs near Dallas and spend our free time house hunting, eating out, playing and working in the yard, and discovering new activities around town. My kids have pretty much left the baby stage, and elementary school is starting to consume a lot of our time. Educating our children is our number one priority, however, so we're excited to be involved in their journey.

I am on a constant search for affordable style in the suburbs, and I blog about the prettiness I find at A Room Somewhere. I share my family news at my other blog, Flowerchain. I hope you enjoy what I'll share with you this week!

Leslie blogs every day at A Room Somewhere.


  1. I can't wait for all your posts, Leslie!

  2. welcome leslie! i'm so glad you're here.

  3. i followed you here. i can't wait for your new posts!


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