Monday, October 27, 2008

A Wooden Christmas

(image: Wooden Toy Bus from WoodToyShop)

This year we are going to buy our kids wooden toys for Christmas. My vision of the perfect play room includes loads of lovely wooden toys.

My first stop in my quest was, of course, Etsy. (Where else?) I am completely in love with the toys I found there.

I'm trying to narrow down my choices...

My daughter, a big fan of yellow, would really go for this darling car from smalltowntoys

I am definitely buying one of these VW's from SimpleWoodenToys. (Maybe for my husband...a kid at heart and former driver of an orange SuperBeetle.)

For my little guy who loves "panes"...two pine planes from ClickityClack.

For my wee babe, wooden stacking blocks from littlesaplingtoys.

And she'll probably need some of these, too. (I love all the blocks from cookiedough.)

The big Christmas gift for all the kids might just be a wooden kitchen.

(image via Posh Organic)

Or maybe this one could be for me.


  1. I've wanted this kitchen for my kids as well. Isn't it great? I've found it a bit cheaper on ebay.

  2. Nice choices - I love the tool bench option as well - that might go on our list!

  3. I got that little kitchen for my Baby Bootie, and she loves it. They have it at with free shipping. It fits into a tiny little footprint (almost the size of an open book) but it has all the fun features. I hung up little spice racks from IKEA to store the toy food and also hung tiny peghook racks from Michael's craft store to hold little HABA net toy grocery bags of wooden produce. Get it! Superfun!

  4. I love the wood toys bc they remind me of the wonderful little wood toys my grandpa would make us with his leftover wood scraps.

  5. Great choices! You should check out the cute wooden Market stand complete with wooden food from Oompa Toys, only $80!


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