Thursday, October 9, 2008

Favorite Toys

I thought it would be fun to share with you a few of the current favorite toys at our house. These are toys I would eagerly give as gifts, in hopes that our friends, both boys and girls, would enjoy them as much as we do. Either of these toys would be great gifts to give a family, if your family does Christmas exchanges that way.

The first is this Pyramid Building Set from German toy company, HABA. They sell all different building sets, including the Coliseum in Rome and a really cool Middle Eastern Architectural Set. My kids are all about Egypt, however, so this one is a hit at our house. Thechildren can assemble the pyramid without any adult help, by using the diagrams and instructions which were included. They put the structure together from the inside out, learning as they go about all of the secret chambers and passageways within the pyramid itself. Lots of fun and very inspiring! They'll probably want a pyramid book by the time they're done!

The next toy was given to my son, Parker, from my brother's family. It's a Cranium game called Zooreka, and we were quickly hooked after the first time we played.
Kids can work alone or in teams, gathering items as they go around the board. These items eventually can be traded in so that each player can assemble their own zoo, choosing from fun habitats to customize their zoo just the way they want! It only takes about 20-30 minutes to play, so they don't lose interest, and they learn about trading and saving their items just like they would with real money. All of the Cranium games are great, including Hullaballoo and Balloon Lagoon. They're always a hit with my kids!

What are your kids' current favorites?

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  1. Those are fantastic gift ideas! Something my kids sure never knew they wanted!

    Another great idea? At our house, one request we've gotten, that I love, is for a rock tumbler.

  2. We love the selection of Haba toys, especially the wooden block sets.

    We get ours at Landbridge Toys.

  3. old standbys, candyland, hungry hippos, that kind of thing. my kids are probably too young for these just now.

  4. leslie, i love your posts. thanks for the great and down to earth ideas.


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