Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Book to Love

The past couple of weeks, we have been having family story time before bed. The kids snuggle up with my husband and I do the reading (while Miles, my baby, does some interrupting). It's fun to have that quiet time before bed, and it helps develop the kids' patience and listening skills. The book we just finished was so good, that I had to share it with all of you. It's called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, by Kate DiCamillo (author of Because of Winn-Dixie). Perhaps you've already read it. I had heard about it somewhere and heard rumors that it's being made into a film, so I picked it up at the bookshop one night. We all loved it! (We weren't even allowed to read a chapter without my husband in the room. He didn't want to miss any of it either!) Edward's story is sometimes sad and often funny. A few of the words are a bit "big" for the younger kids, but they understood it well enough, and came to love Edward. It's a wonderful story of an arrogant little china rabbit who learns how to love others after he becomes lost and alone.

Here are some of Bagram Ibatoulline's beautiful illustrations. There aren't too many, so the kids were thoroughly enchanted with all of them.

If you're looking for a good book for your kids (and yourself; I had to hold back the tears a few times), check it out! It would be great under the tree; books make the best gifts! To see some of my other children's book recommendations, click here. My family has now moved on to The Castle in the Attic, one of my favorites from my childhood.

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  1. Oh how I love this book! So sweet and beautiful without being gooey. Also check out The Tale of Despereaux by the same author: a story about a mouse who falls in love with the Princess Pea.

  2. I love anything by Kate DiCamillo. The Tale of Desperaux is my very favorite.

  3. Thanks for the recomendation I am always on the lookout for good books. This looks like a good one.

  4. thanks, ladies. the tale of desperaux is on the nightstand. we'll read it next, and we are so excited. :)

  5. She is a great author! The Tale of Despereaux was a favorite read aloud of ours. She also has written a series, Mercy Watson, about a pig. This series is great for beginner readers or a great starter chapter book for younger children. My daughter, who is in first grade, enjoys reading this book because she is reading a chapter book on her reading level.

  6. I can't believe that I have never heard of this author. My family also loves to read great books together- story time is our favorite time of the day. Tonight we read "Frankie, the Walk 'N Roll Dog," by Barbara Techel- a very heart warming book and a true story about a disabled dog. Maybe I will go to the library tomorrow to see if I can find, "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane," it sounds like a book that the family would love. Thanks for the great tip.


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