Thursday, October 9, 2008

Calling Cards

Find this calling card for a great price, here.

I'm thinking of having some "Mommy Calling Cards" printed up. You've probably seen them around; they're business cards upon which is printed your basic contact info and your kids' names. I think they seem fun and classy, and perhaps a bit frivolous. I even came across a cute carrying case at Pier One the other day. My cards don't need to be anything fancy, just cute and easy to give away. I found so many I like in just a few minutes of searching!

These two are from Fruition Designs.

And this one is found at A Touch of Whimsy.

Also cute, these on Etsy.

And these, from Siska Studio, on Etsy.
(PS, Etsy sellers seem to have the best prices for all of these cards.Input "calling card" in the search box at

This one's my favorite, though, from the aptly named Mommy Cards.

What do you think of these Mommy cards? Can you imagine yourself using them?

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  1. I think Mommy cards are such a cute idea. I'd use them. is Xela's sister's site.

    Check her store:

    Just scroll to the "mommy cards" or "mommy prints"

  2. When I have kids I will definitely use the calling cards, I think they are so cute, cool, classy, just fun to have.

  3. I got tired of the hunt for a pen & paper every time I ran into an old friend, so I printed up some "business cards" on my computer. I stamped them with cute birds & keep some in my wallet. Now it's super easy to give out my contact info (also, I get lots of compliments on them). I love it & will never go back to the old way.

  4. I would use them, especially at the park, when my son finds a friend to play with and they get along really well. Good friends are hard to come by!

  5. I would feel so silly handing those out! But they are really really super cute.

  6. i love the last one! so fun yet kinda sophisticated too

  7. I make Mommy cards too and use them for sooo many things like getting people to my blog, my Etsy store, and helping people remember my kids names easily. Love those that you picked!!

  8. I recently purchased my "Sasha & Leila's Mom" calling cards from - I was first drawn in for the gift labels and then came across the Calling Cards. I love the designs because they're more on the stylish / sassy side...just like moi! I don't feel silly passing them out ... if anything I feel parents always know the kid's name and never can remember each other's names (at least at the beginning of the school year) ... this is helping me to get to know other moms much more quickly (and stylishly!).

  9. Dandee (the first card you featured) did some mommy cards for my friend, and they are AWESOME. I highly recommend her, and she's so great to work with.

  10. I love the idea. Infact my kids and I listened to Little Town on the Prairie and Laura Ingalls described the new "trend" of having name cards to hand out. I think it's a great way to save a number.

  11. We have a family calling cards as well as cards for each child - just email and contact info (no street address). Invaluable for personal notes, soccer/swim meets, etc.


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