Thursday, August 28, 2008

tiny sprouts.

tiny sprouts gift card. retail value $100

If you love a personal touch, than tiny sprouts is the place for you! Each item is hand embroidered, hand dyed and made to order specifically for you. Choose your dye color, thread color, and what you want your items to say. With everything from newborn ensembles to growth charts, there's something for everyone.

The details:
*leave your name, email and bid amount in the comments section for each individual item you're interested in winning
*bids always need to be increased in full dollar amounts
*you may bid as many times as you wish on as many products/services as you wish
*prize goes to highest bidder per each product/service at the close of the auction
*Auctions close Sunday 8/31/08 11:59 pm
*Winners announced Monday morning
*payments will be made to Tangled and True's paypal account at which time ALL proceeds will be transferred to the Stephanie and Christian paypal fund.


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