Thursday, August 28, 2008

The silent auctions begin...

We couldn't be more thrilled for this day, there is nothing quite like helping someone who is truly in need. We've been busy lining up the best products and companies, hoping to encourage you to open your pocketbooks and give big! To quote DesignMom:
I told Ben Blair That I'm hoping people are in a public radio mindset. Like when you hear the NPR commentators say: "pledge your membership of only $75.00 and we'll send you this canvas tote bag with our logo on it." You know the tote bag is worth maybe $5. But it's not about that. You're looking for a way to be generous and supportive. And the tote bag is just a bonus.
We too are hoping you're feeling generous (and who wouldn't considering the cause). Our line-up is spectacular, so make sure to scroll through all the auctions before deciding...

The details:
*leave your name and bid amount in the comments section for each individual item you're interested in winning
*bids always need to be increased in full dollar amounts
*you may bid as many times as you wish on as many products/services as you wish
*prize goes to highest bidder per each product/service at the close of the auction
*Auctions close Sunday 8/31/08 11:59 pm
*Winners announced Monday morning
*payments will be made to Tangled and True's paypal account at which time ALL proceeds will be transferred to the Stephanie and Christian paypal fund.

Uniform Bidding:

$15. brittany,

Edit: Due to the amount of bids that have been placed for the apron, I have moved it to an actual auction (this is all about raising money). For the door prize mentioned below, I will make an apron, same style but with different fabric. The details are the same as below. The more times you bid (on any of the items) the more times your name is entered into the drawing. Good Luck.

And as promised, something from yours truly. Awhile ago, guest blogger natalie posted about how she loved to bake. The response to the apron she was wearing was overwhelming, SO, I have made an apron (same style, different fabric). For each bid you place your name will be entered into a drawing to win the apron! The more you bid, the better chance you have to win...

Ready... Set... Happy Bidding!!!

*For a full set of blogs/individuals participating in the silent auctions go here.

Blogs I know (and love) that are participating:
A thousand words
A room somewhere
*Also of note: We are hosting multiple auctions for Silly Wagon. These have recently gone up (added near the bottom) so be sure to check them out, there's some great stuff they've put together.

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