Wednesday, August 27, 2008

silly wagon auction #3.

Blue Bird Hair Clip keeper and 4 scalloped name clips to match {pink, robin's egg, turquoise and butter yellow from Details. Retail value $84

Detailed hand work goes into every one of these hand sewn hair clip keepers. Made from magic, felt and thread they'll manage all those hair clips and barrettes scattered around your house. Just think, all in one place, that sounds nice.

Each clip has detailed handwork as well and has a touch of paint along with the magic, felt and thread. They handle bangs that are growing out perfectly and keep your little girls hair out of their food.

The details:
*leave your name, email and bid amount in the comments section for each individual item you're interested in winning
*bids always need to be increased in full dollar amounts
*you may bid as many times as you wish on as many products/services as you wish
*prize goes to highest bidder per each product/service at the close of the auction
*Auctions close Sunday 8/31/08 11:59 pm
*Winners announced Monday morning
*payments will be made to Tangled and True's paypal account at which time ALL proceeds will be transferred to the Stephanie and Christian paypal fund.


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