Friday, August 22, 2008

a winner. plus knitting is not for the faint of heart. plus goodbye.

three items of business:

1. let's just start by saying the winner of the pumpkin hat is Unguren, who said...
"fall makes me very happy. i would love that hat to put on the new little boy that will be coming soon." well, congrats on the new little one, and on winning the hat! email me your address (kellymccaleb[at]hotmail[dot]com) and i will ship it off to you. thanks everyone!

2. remember those mary janes i was talking about? well at the time i had finished the right shoe. makes your heart skip a beat, right? so cute, and so excited to finish the other one so i could give them to one of you. i hadn't written down how i did it, was just making it as i went around my neighbor's baby's foot (i'm so smart, huh.). well, as i was diving into bootie numero dos, i was struggling to remember exactly what i had done on bootie numero uno. i tried and tried. i re-did. i started over. i counted. i could not get it right. i gave up. i am back to square one, this time writing the pattern as i go, and hoping for the best. do not knit if this story doesn't sound fun to you. and i promise when i figure the pattern out for realsies, i will give a pair away on my blog....someday.

3. and lastly, goodbye. it was fun guest blogging here. let's stay friends, ok? catch up with me on my blog, or my etsy shop, cheers!


  1. I find your blog to be delightful. Have visited for a few months now. You are one lovely lady and I enjoy how you are living your life and cherishing your family values. The advice you posted about Etsy is very helpful. See you over at your blog home. Cathleen

  2. Thank you for such a fun and informing week! We've loved having you.

  3. oh kelly, you're just too funny. hope you figure it out soon because it's sure is a yummy bootie!

  4. Those are adorable! I love the little red polka dot button!


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