Monday, July 7, 2008

tried & true.

when it comes to cooking, i'm not very adventurous. i'm not the type of cook who can throw some ingredients together (without a recipe) and have it tastes great. i'm also not the type of cook who can look at a recipe in a cookbook and think "ummm, that sounds good." that's one reason i love food blogs... i can get a good idea of how the recipe turned out, and whether it's worth attempting it. i frequent such foodies and salivate over the pictures and descriptions. they are hard to read without getting hungry. (want to visit a few of my favorites? click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE.)

anyway, one of my goals this past year has been to search high & low, sorting through all of my recipes & trying lots of new ones, in an effort to come up with "the list". you know, the list of "tried & true" meals, the ones that never let you down & are always so yummy that you look forward to dinner every night. and although this isn't my complete list of go-to meals, i thought i'd share some of favorites with you, & maybe you'll share your favorites, with us as well!

grandma's chicken noodle soup
chicken curry
taco soup
grandma's chicken salad
taco salad
honey mustard chicken
chicken poppy seed casserole
chicken & rice
patio beans
chicken enchiladas

chicken salsa tacos
bbq pulled pork sandwiches

corn & black bean salsa
layered spinach tortellini salad

xoxo, K


  1. Great list! I love getting new dinner ideas, especially in the "simple but satisfying" category.

    This fish stick recipe was recently added to our list of faves:
    Check out the right-hand nav of my blog for the complete list:

  2. Wow! Thanks for the shout out! Glad you enjoy the blog.I am having fun reading your blog! :)

  3. another great food blog is the

    i am constantly wanting to try (and have tried a few) of her amazing recipes. The ones I've tried haven't disappointed!

  4. In our house, Hot Pepper Chicken Under a Brick from Rachel Ray is one of our go-to meals. It's good every time.,,FOOD_9936_37463,00.html Thanks for the list- it's always great to see what other people consider great tasting and easy.

  5. I'm glad you posted that list! I'm always looking for EASY meals...I'll be trying a few. One of my most favorite, super-duper easy breakfasts is posted on my blog...soooo good, and healthy! Fajitas)

  6. thanks for all the new recipes to try. i can't wait to try them all out! my boys love fish sticks, so i'm all over that one. and i can't wait to check out the picky palate. and i love rachel ray. and breakfast foods are always a winner. can't wait to try them out. thanks!

  7. great site! You would probably like this food blog


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