Thursday, July 17, 2008

mom, i'm bored.

i think every mom dreads that sentence. over at our blog Just Spotted, my girlfriend coleen & i are trying to helping moms answer this question. we are moms who seek adventure in the everyday. & Just Spotted is the place where we highlight those adventures. we seek to find the creative, fun, helpful, tasty & stylish offerings of the world around us, which is usually in sunny california. but just because you don't live near us, doesn't mean you can't visit. with recipes, product features & tons of other ideas and tips it's the perfect blog for just about everyone & anyone. that being said, here are some ideas that will jump start your own summer adventures:

visit your local farmer's market... find the nearest location HERE.

make home-made ice-cream. instructions HERE.

check with your city & local parks and recreation for activities and events. my city is offering FREE concerts and movies in the park all summer long.

get crafty. check out projects & ideas HERE.

have a water balloon fight, break out the slip 'n slide, blow up pool, or sprinkler attachments, or use cheap, store bought spray bottles to have fun & keep cool.

beat the heat & head indoors for a movie. check with your local theater regarding FREE of $1 movies. i know AMC theaters is offering $1 G and PG movies every wednesday at 10am through august. find locations & movie selections HERE. & regal theaters has FREE G & PG movies at 10 am, every tuesday & wednesday in july & august. find locations & movies HERE.

make home-made ice cream sandwiches. recipes HERE.

sign-up for apple camp... learn the ins & outs of itunes, make a movie, or learn the tricks of iphoto, all for free.

or how about story time? your local library probably has one. If not, pottery barn kids and barnes & noble both do.

check out the free kids workshops at the home depot. or if wood working isn't your thing, join one of the free craft classes offered at michaels.

play kick the can, capture the flag, ghosts in the graveyard. for game ideas, rules & so much more, check out HERE.

so, what are your favorite things to do in the summertime?

xoxo, K


  1. apple camp sounds awesome! it says its for kids ages 8-12 but i wonder if they would let me go? :)

  2. sidewalk paint, portable sand box (plastic bin filled with dried split peas/lentils, with a little shovel or two and a lid, bike rides, hikes, picnics

  3. A few days ago we went up in the mountains to beat the heat a little and had such a great time! We did a little hike, had a picnic and collected nature bits to use in a craft we did the next day (which turned out to be rainy). Even though it didn't cost a thing, it was one of best summer days yet!

  4. i love all the ideas. especially the portable sand box filled with peas. brilliant!


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