Wednesday, July 9, 2008

small & simple

shiny, pretty baubles definitely make me go weak in the knees. when i have a free moment or two, i like to create my own. but, i tend to buy them just as often. (when you're a jeans and t-shirt kinda gal, accessories can add that extra umph! that any & every ensemble needs.) anyway, long story short - i am absolutely smitten with jessica's shop lost button studio. for months now, i've worn her simple hoops, just about every day. although, lately, i've been eyeing her sparkle button earring in silver. but seriously, just about everything in jess' shop is lovely... be sure to check out all her beauties, you'll be glad you did. & you'll definitely be thanking me for making the introductions. & if you want to get to know the girl behind the jewelry, visit jessica's blog - it's full of crafts, recipes & tons of other brilliant ideas.

xoxo, K


  1. you're right perfect for a jeans and t-shirt girl, perfect for me!

  2. O how I wish I could wear earrings. Allergic - to EVERYTHING!!!! But, you are right accessories do make me feel better about myself - as I often wear jeans and t-shirts!!!

  3. everything in her shop is so pretty. i love it!

  4. I love her jewelry too Kelly. In fact, we have a giveway in the works coming up in a bit. Can't wait! She certainly deserves a lot of exposure and I'm sure she is thrilled you adore her jewelry too. Great posts this week!


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