Friday, July 18, 2008

i'm listening too...

actually before i tell you, i think it's imperative that i warn you - i'm not a musical genius. i'm definitely not known for my taste in music, i don't know bands & i'm generally the last to find out about the next big thing. phew! now that that's off my chest...i'm loving my most recent playlist... it's the perfect mix of old & new, a little bit of everything & perfect for every occasion. (click on picture to enlarge... you know, so you can actually read the song titles & artists.)
xoxo, K


  1. looks like a pretty good mix. So what genre do you like most? Just curious.

  2. ps how'd you save your play list as a jpg?

  3. That is a great list! (and I not just saying that because 90% of those songs are on my playlist too!)

  4. Ohhh that has some stuff on it I haven't heard of, which means I should download and see what they are.

  5. i love that your sufjan stevens song is "decatur." i love that whole album but that song is so whimsical, funny, and meaningful at the same time, it's genius! good for you having that on your playlist!

  6. erica - i don't think i have a favorite genre really. i'm all over the board. i love just about everything and anything. the beatles & james taylor, i have a thing for 80's music (you can't beat tiffany) to rage against the machine. i just went to a cold play concert, so they are my new fav. although we're going to bloc party next week & then the ting tings. so... that could change soon.

    as for the playlist jpeg: i'm not sure if it'll work on pcs,but it works on my mac... i just take a screenshot by pressing shift, command and the number 4 all at the same time.

    & jomama- decatur is the best! i LOVE it.

    any of you have any favs i missed?

  7. hung up is the best madonna song :)

    vanessa from


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